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Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

Jan 18, 2022

Governor Rick Perry joins us to share lessons learned in the political arena, what it takes to make a meaningful difference in American politics, working with President Trump, and much more.

Gov. Perry is an Air Force veteran, 47th governor of Texas, and the Secretary of Energy under President Donald Trump. Follow him...

Jan 13, 2022

David King is the Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at The Harvard Kennedy School and an expert on Congress, lobbying and interest groups, and election reform. He joins Dan for a look inside how Congress does and doesn't function, what it's really like to be a member of Congress, the truth about lobbyists and incentive...

Jan 9, 2022

Jocko joins us to talk New Year's resolutions and staying on the path in 2022, leadership in life and combat, and answer audience questions.

Jocko Willink is the host of Jocko Podcast, NY Times bestselling author, CEO of Echelon Front, and Chairman at Origin USA and Jocko Fuel. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at...

Jan 5, 2022

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates joins us for a candid examination of America's successes and failures abroad from the Cold War to the War on Terror to China's threat to the global order.

Robert Gates was the 22nd Secretary of Defense, serving under both Presidents George W. Bush and Barak Obama. He had...

Dec 30, 2021

For this special year-end solo episode, Dan reviews the major policy failures of the Biden Administration's first year. All the facts you should know about inflation, the border crisis, Build Back Better, COVID response, and much more in just 38 minutes.

1:30 - Oil and gas regulations

7:50 - COVID response

10:00 -...