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Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

Feb 1, 2023

Mike Mihalski is a rifle manufacturer and 2A advocate. He joined Rep. Crenshaw to talk about the ATF's recent ban on pistol braces—which effectively turns millions of law-abiding gun owners into felons—and the ATF Accountability Act, Rep. Crenshaw's bill that gives gun owners and manufacturers the means to fight back against ATF overreach. Mike also dispels myths about pistol braces, talks about the bureaucratic nightmare of dealing with ATF compliance officers, tips he's learned for persuading gun control advocates to think differently about guns, and gives advice for people who've never owned a gun before but are interested in self defense.

Mike Mihalski is the co-owner and founder of Sons of Liberty Gun Works in San Antonio, TX, the fastest growing rifle manufacturer in the United States. He travels across the country advocating for 2nd Amendment rights and advising federal, state, and local officials on firearm policies. Follow him in Instagram at @mikemihalski and Twitter at @SOLGW_Mike.