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Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

Oct 15, 2021

With the Facebook "Whistleblower" report, the authoritarian left is using a statement we can all agree with ("Teenage bullying is wrong!") to justify unaccountable government oversight and censorship of big tech. National Review's Andy McCarthy joins us to explain how some Republicans are falling into the Democrats' censorship trap, why the left and right truly do not see eye to eye on this issue, and modifications we could make to Section 230 to stop big tech's censorship of conservatives without destroying our 1st Amendment rights. We also looked at the legal implications of Governor Abbott's prohibition on vaccine mandates and Attorney General Merrick Garland's investigation of parents as "domestic terrorists" for protesting their school boards' mask mandates.

Andy McCarthy is a senior fellow at National Review Institute, an NR contributing editor, and author of Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency. He served as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. Follow him in Twitter at @AndrewCMcCarthy.